Canine Stretching –1 day – £100

The art of mobilisation, passive and active stretching along with pole work to lengthen or elevate stride are covered in this one day intensive clinic using well known techniques along with some altogether new ideas.

These techniques are designed to be done by you at home on a regular basis and will bring about huge benefits for your dog. This course is suitable for owners, trainers and practitioners alike.

  The student will learn:-

  • How joints work & correct movement
  • The benefits of Range Of Motion (ROM) exercises particularly in orthopaedic conditions
  • The benefits of stretching
  • Stretching to improve performance
  • How to stretch all the muscle groups correctly and safely
  • When to and when not to use these procedures
  • Poles to lengthen, shorten and elevate stride

No form of bodywork is complete without addressing mobilisation and stretching which is a major tool on its own. The benefits of stretching are clinically proven and should be part of any owner and practitioners routine.

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