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  • YOUR ANIMALS health is very important to me and I am driven by the belief that all problems have a cause and therefore if we can find the cause then we can find a solution.   I have studied for over 20 yrs and I continue to do so, not only because I love learning but because I believe that each animal is individual and that means I need many solutions.  The more I know the more I am likely to be able to help you and you animal.
  • Often short term solutions for an issue are at the expense of the animals welfare and don’t often equal long term success. I have an holistic view which means I will be looking at all aspects of your animals daily life in order to detect why there is a problem and resolve it.  This could be a slippery laminate floor in the case of a recurring strain injury in a dog or hoof or saddle issue causing lameness and back pain in your horse.  I can detect even the smallest issues that can be causing you and your animals HUGE problems. I work closely with vets and other professionals to resolve these issues and get you back on track to having a healthy happy animal.


  • EMMA OVEREND is a fully qualified and insured animal therapist and Rehab specialist. Qualified in:
  • McTimoney Animal manipulation,
  • EBW Equine Sports Massage, Canine
  • Advanced Clinical Massage,
  • Equine and Canine Touch
  • Human VHT Practitioner
    and a registered member of
  • The Institute of registered Veterinary Physiotherapists,
  • The McTimoney Animal Association
  • The Massage Guild.
  • The International Equine Touch Association
  • Emma specialises in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury of both horses and dogs and will not only treat your animal, but will set a rehabilitation program for you to follow to achieve the best possible result for you and your animals. With 20 yrs experience in the treatment of sports injuries Emma is relied upon by many Vets, owners, trainers and sporting teams in both the equine and canine fields.
  • Emma is one of the leading specialists in the clinical assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of horses and dogs. Combining experience with up-to-date research and current practice she offers the highest quality of service to provide an individual treatment and rehabilitation plan for your animal. Whether treating domestic or athletic animals, the overall aims are to improve your animals well –being and to help you to help your own animals.


  Emma works to

  • Maintain and improve peak performance
  • Restore fitness and health
  • Enhance healing after injury
  • Supports the management of orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis
  • Prevention of injury
  • Developing the correct gait and posture
  • Developing Balance Agility and Coordination and Proprioception
  • Recruiting and strengthening the correct Core Stability muscles
  • Reach peak Condition for the individual’s capability
  • Develop strength, flexibility and agility


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Emma Overend 07977314138    Email – emma@overendtherapy.uk